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By: Online Studios Ltd  04/10/2011
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Mastering is an essential process to create the very best impact for your audio projects. Not only to create the all important first impression of anyone hearing your music but also to compete with the sound quality of other professional audio products. Mastering at Online Studios will ensure that your tracks are brought up to these standards. Our experienced engineers will apply the latest state-of-the-art Mastering techniques and processes to your tracks using the best high end software and hardware available including Pro Tools, Open Labs, Bomb Factory & Waves Plug-Ins, Avalon, TL Audio and Focusrite outboard. What Is Mastering? Audio Mastering is the final technical and creative process which takes place after recording and mixing. It's where your tracks are given important finishing touches and improvements in overall sound quality including: EQ, Compression, Noise Reduction, Stereo Width, Balance & Phase Correction, Limiting and overall loudness as well as ensuring the consistency and clarity of multiple recordings or mixes bought together for a single or album. All projects are Mastered by one of our highly skilled Engineers and you will be provided with your Final Master files as a 24bit 96kHz WAV, a16bit 44.1kHz WAV (CD use) and a 320 kbps MP3 (Digital use). Online (Unattended) Mastering includes free secure uploading & digital delivery of the Master WAV file links direct to your email address. Attended sessions at the studio include a free audio CD & data CD with Master WAV files. Turnaround is usually within 2 to 3 working days, for urgent jobs please call us.

Keywords: audio, dj, Duplication, mastering, mixing

Other products and services from Online Studios Ltd

Consultancy Services from Online Studios Ltd thumbnail

Consultancy Services

We provide consultancy to recording artists, DJs record labels, studios, youth & community organizations, charities, schools, colleges, groups, businesses and individuals on many aspects of the industry including A&R, royalties, contracts, agreements, copyright and sample clearance, digital downloads & anti piracy, promotion, marketing, studio design & build and much more.

Studio Doctor Call Out Service from Online Studios Ltd thumbnail

Studio Doctor Call Out Service

Our Studio Doctor Callout service can help solve all kinds of problems from studio cabling & wiring, setting up equipment, computer configuration and software issues (PC / Mac), right through to designing and building a custom studio setup or PC optimized for computer music.

Location Recording from Online Studios Ltd thumbnail

Location Recording

We offer a wide range of recording solutions be it providing a single microphone to a full multitrack recording setup, and are able to capture every type of performance from live bands and orchestras, concerts and events through to lectures, business meetings & conferences.

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Our team are established artists themselves, so we are able to produce remixes of your tracks in many different styles of dance, urban & electronic music.

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Sound Design

We can create original sound for multimedia, websites, video games, radio, broadcast, film, live or any other use, plus bespoke sound effects to producing original ambient, background sounds, music and perfectly sync sound to picture for videos, webcasts and more.

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Writing, Production & Composition

Online Studios regularly undertakes writing & composition work and we have produced numerous scores for TV, adverts, Jingles & multimedia products, as well as producing cutting edge original music tracks for artists & labels in many styles & genres.

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Audio Restoration & Transfers

We can transfer your old Audio Cassettes, Vinyl, Minidisc, DAT or just about any other media type that you would like transferred to CD, MP3, and also restore poor recordings, reducing & removing noise, hiss, crackle pops, and hum using the very latest techniques and software available.

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CD Duplication

Online Studios CD Duplication includes Direct to Disc (On Body) printing with stunning 4800 dpi print quality, with all assembly & packing into high quality durable PVC wallets included.

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Tuition and Training

At Online Studios we are able to offer a wide range of courses, master-classes, and modules so if you're interested in music production, DJing or sound engineering we can teach you the very latest techniques and how to use all the tools & equipment involved.

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All mixing sessions at Online Studios include one of our highly skilled engineers who will carefully analyze your project and provide optimum levels, EQ & settings of instruments, vocals, and sounds.

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Online Studios provides the most cost effective and efficient way of Recording to a professional high end standard.