Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion

Bump Terminator Severe Bumps Lotion from Bump Terminator UK

By: Bump Terminator UK  19/11/2010
Keywords: skin care, shaving, Shave


If you are looking for how to get rid of stubborn razor, shaving bumps, or ingrown hairs, especially those tough ones on the back of the head, then look no further. Congratulations, your search is over!

This is a non-sticky, non-greasy quick-drying and fast-acting lotion designed and formulated to eliminate stubborn back-of-the-head shaving bumps, facial bumps, razor burn, razor rash and ingrown hairs, no matter how severe.

This Lotion calms the irritation and inflammation that usually follow shaving, deals with the infection and dries out the bumps, thus freeing any entrapped ingrown hairs. The skin is then healed and restored within a few days. One can see positive results within 24 hours.

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