Anti-bumps Soothing Aftershave Lotion

Anti-bumps Soothing Aftershave Lotion from Bump Terminator UK

By: Bump Terminator UK  19/11/2010
Keywords: skin care, shaving, lotion

After getting rid of razor or shaving bumps and ingrown hairs the problem now is remaining free of them. This is where the anti-bumps aftershave lotion comes in. It will keep you free of bumps with regular use. It protects sensitive skin too by stopping the inflammation that normally follows shaving.

Shaving bumps and ingrown hairs are caused by the skin reacting to the trauma of shaving. This trauma is manifested as irritation and inflammation of the shaved skin to start with. Once the inflammation takes hold, infection sets in , and this leads on to the dreaded bumps.

It is therefore very important to stop the irritation and inflammation in their tracks as soon as one finishes shaving. This is where this alcohol-free Anti-Bump Aftershave Lotion comes in. It contains the excellent anti-inflammatory bisabolol combined with ginger plus the skin conditioner allantoin, and fortified with the extracts of centaurium, chaparral, hypericum and manubium. It leaves the skin calmed, soothed, moisturised, smooth and free of razor, shaving bumps or barber's rash..

The Lotion works well regardless of the method of hair removal employed, be it classic or electric razor, trimmer/clipper, depilatory cream or powder.


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