Zephair Antibacterial Air Diffusion Units

Zephair Antibacterial Air Diffusion Units from Zephair

By: Zephair  07/06/2012
Keywords: Aromatherapy Oils, Mrsa, air purifiers

Here we have a Zephair Unit complete with a 10ml dropper bottle of our own blend of Anti-bacterial mix 100% Essential Oils. Current stocks available in silver only. An easy, safe way of removing unpleasant odours such as smoke and animal. Using all natural product this unit filters the air through the water and generates a pleasant aroma by dispensing essential oil into your environment.   Have you ever considered what bacteria is present in your office and home ?   Probably not, but we have.   We have taken surface and air samples from many locations in measured trials on a before and after basis. You would be surprised.    Our product is used in Care Homes and Hospitals throughout the country  to control the spread of MRSA, c difficile, Aspergillus Niger (You know – that bug that’s going around) norovirus and other airborne bacteria. It works efficiently to reduce the spread of Flu spores that hang around on surfaces.   Our tests have shown that use of our particular blend of oils(1 x 10ml bottle with dropper included) dramatically reduces the room's microbial load, including computer keyboards and telephones. It also leaves a pleasant citrus aroma but not an overpowering smell.   The added bonus is that the blend of oils is an excellent malodour remover where the smell is removed and not just masked.    We can send you by e mail a copy of the test results taken from over 50 locations on a before and after basis. The results come in graphical form and are easy to compare. You may find this interesting if you consider that these results are typical of what could be in your workplace.      The unit comes with a USB adaptor lead that will connect directly to your computer. It can also be powered by batteries. (3 x AA not supplied)   Simply top up the reservoir to the level shown with water and add drops of the oil blend. This will need to be done on a daily basis. If you look at the water you will see why.   The surrounding air is filtered through the water and pumped back into the atmosphere. Sub micron particles of the oil are also dispensed into the near surroundings.   The unit comes with a soothing blue UV light. This also helps to kill bacteria.  

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