Pipework & Brazing (CITB J05) in Hull

By: Crownship Technical  08/10/2009
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Pipework & Brazing (CITB J05)  

The CITB J05 Pipework & Brazing Course is a practically based course but includes the required training in health & safety areas to enable candidates to competently carry out the correct brazing techniques.

The British Refrigeration Association has set the criteria for the pipework & brazing practical assessment hence this approved industry standards is strictly adhered to ensure the workmanship and that best practices are shown and achieved.  

1.    General Safety and Compliance
·         General Duties of Employers
·         General Duties of Employees
·         Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1988 (COSHH)
·         Protection Against Burns from Flames and Sparks
·         Protection from Fumes
·         Transport
·         Storage
·         Safety
·         Gas Cylinders in Fires
·         Pressure Regulation Compliance  

2.   Refrigeration Pipework Installation
·         Introduction
·         Copper Tubing
·         Soft Drawn
·         Hard Drawn
·         Cutting Copper Tubing
·         Bending Copper Tubing
·         Flared Connections
·         Swaged Joint
·         Fittings
·         Installation Planning
·         Pre-Site Checks
·         Pre-Installation Checks

3.          Oxy-acetylene Equipment
·         Cylinder Safety Precautions
·         Acetylene
·         Explosion Risks
·         Oxygen
·         Gas Pressure Regulators
·         High Pressure Blowpipe
·         Backfires and Flashbacks
·         General Preparations
·         Setting the Gas Pressures
·         Lighting the Blowpipe
·         To Shut Down the Plant
·         Blowpipe Flame
·         The Neutral Flame
·         The Carburizing Flame
·         The Oxidising Flame
·         Power to the Flame
·         Brazing Alloys  

4.   Brazing and Testing Techniques
·         Cutting and Fitting
·         Cleaning
·         Proper Fluxing
·         Assembling and Supporting
·         Purging System with Dry Nitrogen
·         Heating and Flowing the Alloy
·         Cleaning After Brazing
·         Points to Remember
·         Caution
·         Pressure Testing
·         Destructive Testing

Keywords: air conditioning, Air Conditioning Contracting, Refrigeration, training courses

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