F-Gas Regulations (CITB) in Hull

By: Crownship Technical  08/10/2009
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F-Gas Regulations (CITB)

Crownship offers the new Construction Skills Training qualification to meet the legal requirements of EC Regulation 842/2006 (commonly known as the F-Gas Regulation).  The Certification Schemes are designed for operatives who install, service and repair refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems, and require the following skills:

Safe Handling of Refrigerant Techniques
Pipework and Jointing Skills
Recovery of Refrigerants (restricted to small systems only)
Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Leak and Performance Checking of Systems  

ACRIB are concerned that with 40,000 engineers requiring re-qualification the timescales are very tight.  

There are 4 competency categories for anyone who installs, services or repairs air conditioning or refrigeration equipment.  

Category 1 (J11)  

Crownship offer the most comprehensive Category 1 (CITB) J11 which covers all aspects of installation, commissioning, servicing, maintenance, recovery and leak checking on all refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems in accordance with the F-Gas Regulation EC842/2006, regardless of the weight of refrigerant in the system.  

Course subjects are:  
Fabricate and fit mechanical and brazed joints
Pressure test and evacuate to BSEN378
Charge a blended refrigerant
Analyse system performance to ensure efficiency(using pressure, temperature, refrigerant state and rule of thumb)
Leak test to EC1516/2007
Maintain F-Gas log books and records
Handle refrigerant safely and dispose of legally
Pressure Regulation compliance  

All candidates will be able to ensure systems are tight, efficient in their use of energy and meet the F-Gas legal requirement  

The following categories 2, 3 & 4 have reduced training and assessment content relevant to their requirements:

Category 2 (J12)
Leakage checks, recovery, install, service, and maintain - Systems less than 3kg (6kg hermetically sealed).

Category 3 (J13)
Recovery of refrigerant.

Category 4 (J14)
Leakage check. 

Course duration covering training and assessment:

Category 1 (J11) 3 - 5 Days Duration (dependant upon experience)      
Category 2 (J12) 3 Days Duration       
Category 3 (J13) 2 Days Duration
Category 4 (J14) 1 Days Duration

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