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By: Little Houndales Knits  18/11/2010
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MillaMia combine a love of knitting with a love of modern contemporary design and quality. Their patterns are inspired by the latest fashion trends, their colours are adapted seasonally and their yarn is made from the finest quality Merino wool. At the same time they really value their Scandinavian design heritage, and you will see this influence in the patterns.  Given the time investment of knitting an item, the final result should be something that is a delight to wear, that others will admire and that will last. Kids should want to wear it, which means it needs to be comfortable. So they've made sure the yarn is of the best quality, baby soft and yet can still be popped into the machine for washing.As knitters, we want a yarn that is easy and consistent to knit with. Forgiving and quick for beginners, yet fine enough to enable our patterns to achieve the best possible shape and stitch definition so as to reward more advanced knitters. The Naturally Soft Merino composition MillaMia have developed knits up wonderfully and their patterns take full advantage of this.  We don't all have hours of time to spend on our knitting so they've included a broad selection of patterns that range from easy to advanced, some shorter, some longer, some requiring extra techniques like cabling or colourwork and a variety of stitches.    
Naturally Soft Merino Yarn is made from 100% extra fine merino wool.  It's supersoft feel makes it ideal for babies and young children, and the lovely tight twist on the yarn gives great stitch definition to the finished fabric and is 'very' forgiving! Produced in Italy.

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