Exciting new Wind Turbine Range.

Exciting new Wind Turbine Range. from TradeWind Power

By: TradeWind Power  16/03/2011
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 If you want to produce clean and efficient energy for your home, C&F’s range of domestic wind turbines are the ideal choice. Home wind turbines are giving domestic users all over the world the power to control and reduce their home heating and energy costs. C&F’s range of wind turbines combines a powerful performance, with smooth clean aesthetics that are perfect for home applications. Our advanced range of home wind turbines will: Save you money: Installing a C&F wind turbine in your home will reduce or eliminate your electricity bills altogether. Where excess electricity is produced, you will also be able to sell your excess electricity back to the National Grid. Wind energy is no longer a ‘new’ source of power and thanks to ongoing research and technology advances; C&F can offer you a product that rivals most conventional energy sources, such as oil and gas. Reduce your carbon footprint: C&F’s home wind turbines are the cleanest, greenest way possible to power your home. Unlike other energy sources, wind energy does not produce harmful C02 emissions or greenhouse gases. It produces efficient, clean and powerful energy that is taken directly from nature. Provide ‘home-friendly’ energy: C&F’s range of domestic wind turbines have been designed with the home owners needs in mind. That’s why our range of home turbines feature advanced safety features, which ensure that our turbines are built to withstand even the most severe weather conditions. To ensure that our turbines blend seamlessly into your everyday life, our turbines are extremely quite even at higher wind speeds. Ensure peace of mind: We know that reliability is vital to the home user. That’s why C&F’s wind turbines are built to last. With a proven manufacturing background, C&F’s wind turbines are robustly built and tested to exhausting standards. Throughout initial design and subsequent revisions, all of our models have undergone extensive testing to ensure that our turbines have a lifespan of 20-30 years.

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