By: The Landscape Partnership  19/02/2015
Keywords: assessment, tree services, arboriculture

In recent years, planning legislation has placed an increasingly high importance on the environment, with updated government guidance on issues including sustainability and biodiversity, both of which are affected by the successful retention of trees within our urban and rural environments. In addition to our design and environmental consultancy, The Landscape Partnership is able to undertake a complete range of arboricultural consultancy services for projects ranging from small housing schemes to large scale, multi-use developments. By considering tree-related issues in a positive manner early in the design and planning process, potential opportunities can be maximised and any problems addressed or mitigated. • Tree surveys in accordance with BS5837:2012 The latest revision of BS5837:2012 'Trees in Relation to Construction' has raised its status within the planning process from 'guidance' to 'recommendation'. The BS notes that the tree survey should be undertaken by an arboriculturist and that information relating to tree retention and tree protection is to be produced at an early stage in planning process. • Arboricultural implications assessment Assessment of the implications of a proposed development on existing trees. • Arboricultural method statements Identification of construction methods to minimise impact on a tree's long-term health and safety, e.g. no-dig foundations and root pruning to minimise disruption to health and stability. • Tree root surveys Hand digging to determine a tree's exact root formation in order to define developable areas in constrained spaces. • Planning negotiations Liaison with local planning authorities and tree officers in relation to development and the planning process. • Expert witness Representation at public inquiries and planning appeals. • Tree Preservation Orders Representations to local planning authorities relating to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) or trees within Conservation Areas, including objections, appeals and applications to carry out tree works. • Land transfer tree surveys Tree surveys to enable the developable area of a site to be defined and thus land value to be confirmed. • Tree condition surveys/safety audits Tree inspection to define landowners’ liabilities in relation to maintaining their trees in a safe condition. • Veteran Trees Identification of Veteran Trees and management advice to safeguard their future, long-term health and structural viability. • Tree translocation Production of tree-specific method statements and management regimes. • Woodland management Preparation of woodland management plans (including techniques to maximise biodiversity value) and woodland grant scheme applications. • Tree protection Design and specification of tree protection, and inspections during the construction process to satisfy planning conditions. • Felling licences Applications to the Forestry Commission for felling licences. • Bat surveys Tree surveys to determine presence of bat roosts, and design of mitigation measures, including acquisition of licences to disturb Protected Species.

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