By: Kinesiology 4 Health  13/06/2011
Keywords: stress, anxiety, healing


Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology

is a tailor made therapy specific to your needs.  Kinesiology aims to bring you

into balance on all levels. 

Kinesiology uses simple, safe and precise muscle testing to identify and balance energy patterns that may hold you back and affect your health.  By bringing your body into balance energy levels may increase and restore well being.

Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology is

a type of kinesiology which uses symbols to talk to the body.  This allows the body to have a ‘conversation’ and tell its story without saying a word.

Optimum Health Balance Kinesiology incorporates the Eastern philosophy of acupuncture, chakras and meridians,

with the Western approach to health, physiology and anatomy.

Kinesiology is a gentle, non invasive therapy that everyone can have and is suitable for adults and children. It is conducted fully clothed and lying down on a couch.

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