Flat Roof Surveys, Damp Surveys, Leaks, Thermal imaging Surveys

Flat Roof Surveys, Damp Surveys, Leaks, Thermal imaging Surveys from Horton Levi ltd

By: Horton Levi ltd  29/09/2009
Keywords: surveys, thermal imaging, Electrical distribution


Over the past two decades, Horton Levi has provided Ground and Aerial infrared surveys to industry and government using Mil-spec and high quality industrial equipment.

Below are some examples of the survey work we offer:

Leak Detection, Roofs and Buildings

Flat Roof Surveys - thermal imaging or thermographic investigation, electronic testing, conductivity and detailed physical inspections. Drain down pipe inspections with C.C.T.V equipment

Endoscopic Surveys - cavity walls, building failures, hidden detail

DampSurveys - mapping and water ingress detection in buildings and roofs. Apart from thermal imaging, we carry video endoscope/ boroscope equipment, radio frequency damp detection tools and purpose cameras
for drain down pipe inspections. Damp detection and water ingress mapping is our speciality.

Heat LossSurveysmapping of buildings - Ground and Aerial

Locate and visualise areas of heat loss  Locate and visualise damp, hidden moisture   Identify poorly fitted insulation            Identify cold bridging

Identifying and resolving the above will improve comfort levels, save energy costs, building deterioration and health risks with regard to damp.

Pressure Testing, Air Leak Detection -domestic properties only as part of a heat loss survey.

Cavity Wall Endoscope inspections

Underground Heating Pipes
, mapping and leak detection. Non intrusive using infrared and other electronic testing

Distribution / Condition Monitoring

- sub surface Fires, Methane Gas detection, Leachate flows. aerial thermal maps and photography of sites. CCTV Camera well inspections.

Tyre Dumps
- underlying combustion

Pipe Lines, Water, Gas and Oil. High resolution thermal mapping and photography all annotated with positioning information.

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