Special Offers - Back Massage £10 Crystal Healing £15

By: Healing Touch at The Wax Bar  17/08/2010
Keywords: massage, healing

Back Massage (offer £10 - lasts 30mins)
Back massage is excellent for those people who suffer with back, neck, shoulder pain or headaches.  Back massage helps to loosen muscle tension, softens the skin, brings fresh blood supply and nutrients to the muscles.  Back massage relaxes the mind and is easy to fit in any time of the day.

Crystal Healing (offer .£15 -  lasts1hr)

Crystals are made of the same minerals as humans (with obviously a few differences).  They have an electro magnetic field like we do, however because they do not have emotion they vibrate at a consistent frequency and can therefore help to balance the aura (the energy field surrounding humans). Crystal healing will also help our emotional, physical and  mental selves.
Crystal healing is a lovley non - invasive treatment for those interested in crystals or anyone who is having difficulties relaxing their mind as well as their body. 

Keywords: healing, massage

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