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The Ghost Boat from Haunted Weekend

By: Haunted Weekend  30/01/2013
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Night sailing on the Norfolk Broads. SAIL INTO THE NIGHT IN SEARCH OF THE GHOSTS OF THE NORFOLK BROADS SAILING FROM THE QUAY NEAR THE SWAN INN. HORNING (nr Wroxham) NORWICH. NR12 8AA SATURDAY 13th JULY 2013. 7.00pm for 7.15pm boarding, if you're late we can't wait. Returning at 10.30pm just in time for a last drink at The Swan Inn Enjoy a Ferryman's Supper as we set sail to fortify you for the night. The boat is licenced so you may also enjoy a glass of wine or beer. Join Haunted Weekend's Paranormal Investigators as we endeavour to discover the truth behind some of the many Ghosts of the Norfolk broads. Take part in Table Tipping, The Planchette, The Vortex Ring and EVP with the Franks Box and iOvilus in an effort to make Spiritual contact with any of the lost souls that still haunt the rivers and broads of Norfolk. Using our Laser Thermometers and EMF meters you will be involved in the search for paranormal activity, cold spots and strange electro magnetic energy that could indicate the presence of Ghosts. HISTORY Brother Pacificus of Ranworth Broad One evening upon his return to St Benet's Abbey, Brother Pacificus discovered to his horror that his brother monks had all been murdered; by William the Conqueror's troopers. The abbey is the only one in Britain not to be included as part of the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. Sometimes, on a quiet summers evening a ghostly figure in a habit can still be seen, with a small dog standing in the prow of a boat, rowing across Ranworth Broad back to the Abbey. St Benet's Abbey The ghost of the traitorous monk, who opened the Abbey gates to let in the Kings troops, is said to still haunt this old Abbey. The Abbey itself is said; on a summers evening, to revert back to it's former glory with torches lighting the early evening and the sound of chanting drifting on the still air of the broads at sunset. Will the Abbey change? Will the faithful Brother Pacificus appear? Or will the screams of a traitorous monk; nailed to the gates of the Abbey he betrayed and skinned alive by the troops he let in, echo across the still dark waters as the night closes in? We will be there at the sunset and disembark if possible into the Abbey itself. The Ferry Inn, Horning Many centuries ago a group of monks were sitting outside the mead house one hot summer's day, drinking. A pretty young local girl was walking by along the riverbank and the brothers dragged her inside the house and raped her. So brutal were they that she died as a result of her ordeal and to hide the evidence of their outrage, the brothers dragged her body outside and threw it into the river. Since that time, the ghost of the girl has been making her appearance at the site of her tragic end. Her ghost has been seen disappearing into the river near the ferry. As we return in the dark we again pass The Ferry at Horning. Who knows what the night may bring?? Join us on the GHOST BOAT as we sail into the warm night of a summer's eve in search of the Ghosts of the Norfolk Broads! Board at 7.15pm for a 7.30pm sailing, if you're late we can't wait! Now Booking: Pay a deposit of £25.00pp to reserve your place and a balance of £20.00 on boarding Or pay full price of £45.00pp To pay by cheque please ring 01263-722391 Or go to website:

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