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By:  06/11/2009
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 The customer testimonial has changed

If getting each appointment/sale is expensive and increasingly difficult, doesn’t it make sense to consider something that makes your messages more memorable and persuade the sceptics.

With selling yourself a key part of commercial life; how do you persuade sceptical prospects?

Proof + Credibility = BELIEF

Proof + Credibility help you to overcome scepticism because they give what you say actual “weight” social proof.

“Like all other weapons of influence, uncertainty – without question, when people are uncertain, they are more likely to use others’ actions to decide how they themselves should act. But in addition, there is another important working condition: similarity. The principle of social proof operates most powerfully when we are observing the behaviour of people just like us. It is the conduct of such people that gives us the greatest insight into what constitutes correct behaviour for ourselves. Therefore we are more inclined to follow the lead of a similar individual than a dissimilar one.”
Robert B. Cialdini, Ph.D.

Video Tetimonials delivers this “Social Proof”; Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of advertising and through the medium of video testimonials on the web, real customers with real experiences, shares their experiences with millions of people across the globe – driving better conversion rates.

Printed quotes of praise on websites telling us how 'pleased' customers are about a particular product or service are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The moving image has been crowned king of the web and faceless testimonials are being replaced with credible on-camera statements.

Video Testimonials extract the right kind of comments from at least three of your most pleased clients and are later edited together without the inclusion of the original questions; creating a free flowing series of statements, from your most satisfied clients. Our Videographers are highly experienced in using a specialised skill known as ‘off-camera’ interviewing techniques.

Your Video Testimonial becomes your persuasive and compelling closing pitch – because our No.1 priority in business is? Acquiring and increasing sales.

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