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By: Melanie Coe Bowen Therapist Cert E.C.B.S  07/04/2011
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girl, aged 17 4 treatments

S.’s GP diagnosed a suspected trapped nerve. An area around her right scapula was raised, appearing to be in spasm. After the first treatment, she experienced extreme pain. However, within 2 days that had subsided. After the second treatment she reported no apparent pain or problem but just a slight stiffness. After the third treatment the stiffness had gone and pain was holding.


Michelle, aged 29 4 treatments

Michelle had been experiencing pain in the thoracic area when breathing, from the back through to the front for two years. She had a history of severe asthma and that was linked to this . She had had various manipulations over this period of time via her GP and chiropractors which had offered no relief. After 3 treatments the pain was no longer evident and the breathing was easier. She described at this stage that she had a lymph drainage problem down one side of her body, mainly in the neck and was prone to lumpy breasts on that side. Her fourth visit was an insurance to make sure that the relief was holding. A month after final treatment, she is free from all discomfort.

Keywords: back injury, back pain relief, Bowen, bowen therapy, sports injuries, Stiff Back, THERAPIST

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Bowen Therapy

  The Bowen Technique is a hands on remedial therapy which is non-invasive and can be performed through light clothing.