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By: Melanie Coe Bowen Therapist Cert E.C.B.S  26/03/2011
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The Bowen Technique is a hands on remedial therapy which is non-invasive and can be performed through light clothing. The therapist uses fingers and thumbs to make small, gentle rolling moves at precise points over muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue. Short breaks are given between each set of moves to allow the body to rest for a few minutes to absorb and respond to the information it has been given and to make the necessary changes needed to promote healing and restore balance to the body and its systems.
Bowen is suitable for all ages from newborn to the elderly.
Common presentations/conditions include: Back/neck pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel, RSI, sciatica, migraine, IBS, digestive problems, asthma, kidney complaints, menstrual/fertility problems, hamstring problems, joint pain, muscle spasm, leg length differences, tilted pelvis, infant colic to name but a few. 
Melanie Coe.  Cert E.C.B.S
Bowen Practitioner
Telephone 01379 890091 or 07717886273

Keywords: Bowen, Bowen Technique, THERAPIST

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