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By: Lightning Process  13/02/2009
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                                                                                                                                                                                                  About the Lightning Process
The unique Lightning Process is a way of getting well for M.E and many other debilitating conditions AND STAYING WELL!
The Lightning Process is a training programme rather than a therapy. This is why the results last, because it is you that puts the process into action. You learn how to put an effective stop to irregular adrenaline levels. The debilitating physiological effects of adrenaline respond quickly, allowing your body to heal.
The results are amazing. Hard to believe maybe, but thousands of people who had M.E are now enjoying life rather than suffering.
Professor Findlay of the National M.E Centre recommends some of his patients to the Lightning Process. He has recently launched a research programme into these astounding results.
The Lightning Process will teach you how to regain the control in your life, and so give you the opportunity to break the spiral of illness, M.E

We know that seems hard to believe based on most people's experience of how M.E type disorders respond to most therapies or programs, but that's what we have found.
How effective is it & do the changes last?
The Lightning Process is amazingly effective because it's such a well developed training program. If you do the homework required by the process, and it is simple technique, within the ability of everyone, then we've found that people are able to produce amazing results... but you do have to do the work!
As it's a training rather than a therapy, once you've learnt it, it will be with you for the rest of your life; your life path, health and happiness will then be up to you to choose, we find if you use this process, then the sky's the limit.  
Kathy Kent 01379 890227
I am a fully qualified M.E licensed, Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner
I am a member of The British Institute of Hypnotherapy
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Keywords: anxiety