RUGGEDrive - NEW secure USB/ SD memory for embedded applications

RUGGEDrive - NEW secure USB/ SD memory for embedded applications from Nexus GB

By: Nexus GB  20/09/2011
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USB alternative set to help bungling data owners ~ New technology acts as deterrent for data theft and loss ~ Since portable memory became so common there have been several heavily publicised incidents in which Government departments or private businesses lost confidential information stored on CDs and USB sticks. Now, a new product from Sussex based technology specialist Nexus GB could put an end to the problem. The innovative new data carrier system means no one other than the intended user can read the content. Earlier this year a memory stick holding the passwords for a Government computer system was lost by a member of staff and found in the car park of a pub in Staffordshire. In May 2009 the personal medical records of tens of thousands of people were lost by the NHS in a series of serious data security leaks. These kinds of problems can now be avoided by using Nexus’ new portable memory system; the RUGGEDrive™. The unique physical connection between the memory receptacle and portable memory token ensures that the information stored cannot be readily transferred to unauthorised PCs because they would lack RUGGEDrive™ receptacles. The receptacles can be added to computers when they are being manufactured or they can be retrofitted at a later date. Nexus GB believes that this system could be the answer in multiple business sectors where data loss is a risk. Furthermore, because the system is only available as a B2B sale directly from Nexus GB, it isn’t possible to obtain compatible tokens or receptacles without the permission of the original customer. “RUGGEDrive™ is a real step forward in data security,” explained Victoria JAmes, Nexus GB’s marketing director. “Any data lost in a pub or left on a bus would be impossible to access and totally protected! This is even more important in today’s social media and citizen journalism landscape, in which lost data will definitely make its way into the media or onto the black market.” Furthermore, RUGGEDrive™ receptacles help protect the user from viruses and other malicious files such as malware and Trojans. For instance, if a member of staff takes a document home using a USB or CD, the file can become infected on their private PC. When they return to work and plug the USB back into their work laptop, the virus is transferred into the company’s network. This situation is impossible to replicate with RUGGEDrive™. A further benefit of these rugged, portable memory devices is their reliability; the receptacles are rated for 50,000 usage cycles. This is a distinct advantage over most consumer-grade USB and SD connectors which are only rated for 1,500 and 10,000 cycles respectively.

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