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By: PHPR Ltd  12/02/2009
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 Nowadays almost every major purchase of a product or service starts with a Google search. Put simply, if you are not found on Google, you are missing out on a lot of potential new business.
Of course maintaining good business connections is great for  business, but sadly, people lose jobs, move or retire. That's also the reason that businesses lose, on average, 10% of their business each year through no fault of their own. In the current economic climate, that figure may be much worse. 
PHPR's online PR gets high rankings in the Google search results for the terms customers use to find your type of products or services. PHPR gets you high  in the natural search results on Google  - that's in the credible results,  not the paid for advertising at the top and on the right hand side of a Google search results page.
It's not surprising that this on and offline PR company gets good results on Google: they have been getting their copy past some of the most discerning editors in the offline media for years. They have over 30 years expertise  in writing excellent and relevant news and case study copy. Interesting copy that boosts businesses on and offline. Distributed online, good news articles will improve your performance in the search engines for your term (unless you're already up there with the leaders!).  Contact PHPR for a free consultation that will determine whether they can help your business through online PR. PHPR may be able to offer you a risk-free, pay on performance service (subject to conditions).

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