Parkmyauto Edinburgh Scotland Car Parking Reversing Sensor Kit

Parkmyauto Edinburgh Scotland Car Parking Reversing Sensor Kit from Parkmyauto Ltd

By: Parkmyauto Ltd  07/10/2009
Keywords: Car Parking Sensors, Car Reversing Sensors

                      This Product Is Superb And Won't Let You Down!

Amazing Value - Our Best Selling 4 Yr Old Tried & Tested Product! Only 39.90

P-Vision Advanced "Flush Fit" Parking Sensors, 20mm Diameter sensors - Includes a Drilling Tool for those DIY entreprenours!

Warning Buzzer System With Black Or Silver Coloured Sensors.

Welcome to our store and thank you for veiwng this rock solid and most innovative addition to our wide range of car parking sensors and vehicle reversing solutions.

If you are interested in , we offer an on your doorstep Nationwide fitting Service - please give us a ring for a quote.

If you want the best that money can buy, then look no further than these fabulous quality kits. The P-Vision ADVBL4 incorporates the latest advances in ultrasonic sensing technology and is comprised of 4 ultrasonic sensors, control box and an audible (warning buzzer) distance indicator.

These wonderful P-Vision & Parkmyauto "advanced parking sensor systems" offer highly sophisticated obstacle detection and are specifically designed to assit you in parking or reversing your much loved vehicle.Mounted in the rear bumper, the sensors emit ultrasonic waves automatically to detect the distance of obstacles behind when you reverse your vehicle. Detection data is transformed by a control box into an accoustic signal released via a warning buzzer which is installed internally in the vehicle.

Compared with other obstacle detection systems, you will find this ultrasonic system more accurate and reliable and will work in various adverse weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, bright sunlight, rain and darkness. With this sytem installed it will provide the driver with peace of mind whether parking in tight areas or reversing in darkness knowing that he or she can drive with enhanced safety and confidence.

If you have a smaller bumper or do not want to fit all 4 sensors, the advanced nature of this parking sensor kit, will enable the installer to fit anything up to four sensors. The control box will operate as normal with two or more sensors allowing flexible installation options (2, 3 or 4 sensor Kit) - your choice.

At  Parkmyauto, all of our products are of the highest quality, distributed from the UK, are EU approved, duty paid and are backed-up with a 12 month repair & replacement parts warranty - we would like to think you wont need this but just in case!

  • 20mm - 4 Sensor Backup & Rear Parking Sensor System
  • 4 In-Bumper Sensor System Covering the Rear of Vehicle
  • Sensor Colours Available: Black. (picture is for illustration purposes only)
  • Sensors can be accrically painted,
  • Perfect for Backing Up, Street Parking, Parallel Parking, Garage Parking, and Parking in Tight Spot ...
  • Audible Alert (Warning Buzzer)
  • Includes Drilling / Cutting Tool - 20mm Cutting Tool (In Box)
  • Designed for all types of vehicles: SUVs, Vans, Trucks, Cars ...
  • Brand New Advanced product.
  • Full 12 Month Warranty.
  • Trade Enquiries Welcome

Just to Let you know, we can offer you a nationwide fitting service. Give us a call for a quote on: 0131 555 7040.

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Keywords: Car Parking Sensors, Car Reversing Sensors