Dension Denison Gateway 500 iPod Car Kit Audi BMW Mercedes Volvo Porsche Aston Martin

Dension Denison Gateway 500 iPod Car Kit Audi BMW Mercedes Volvo Porsche Aston Martin from Parkmyauto Ltd

By: Parkmyauto Ltd  30/11/2009
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Dension Gateway 500 Car Kit For iPod & USB Music Sources

Dension Gateway 500 - The Ultimate iPod In Car Kit Digital Integration For Your Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche Or Volvo (With Existing CD Changers Only)

  • For charging and giving you control of your iPod through your car radio system and controls.
  • Viewing your iPod menus and song information on your dashboard screen. Text displays available on most screens.
  • Additional accessories including Bluetooth handsfree phone calls, music streaming from your phone, Audio & Video playback for front seat and rear seat passengers.

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Welcome to Parkmyauto Ltd and thank you for viewing this fantastic Denison Gateway 500 iPod car kit product. We can offer you a nationwide installation service so you can remain in the comfort of your office or at your home and we will come to you. If you feel inclined, please give us a ring or email us for a quotation on: 0131 555 7040 hopefully, you won't have to move a muscle.

Owning a luxurious vehicle such as yours demands the very best of care and attention to detail and by installing this Dension Gateway 500 iPod interface you will completely knock all budding competitiors on the head as it will allow you to seamlessly (if there is such a word), safely play and control your iPod and USB music sources through your much loved vehicles original audio system without changing any of the original components or the aesthetics of your car. In normal circumstances and generally with alternative iPod system solutions, you could choose to mount the iPod on a cradle and attach this to the air vent, but with the Dension 500 iPod car kit you not only have complete fingertip control of your in-car iPod  there's no need to invite prying eyes into the car as your iPod and USB can be neatly tucked away in the glove box.

How Does The Dension Gateway 500 (GW500) Car Kit System Work With Your Vehicle:-

The Gateway 500 iPod interface emulates the CD changer in your car and connects to the vehicle in the same way so you don't have to lose the CD changer to make it operate. Once you have the GW500 installed, you simply select the CD changer button and a source menu will appear on your dashboard screen. You can then chose any device that is  plugged into the GW500 (iPod, USB or Auxiliary) then just relax, play away and listen until your heart is content. For iPod track selection etc, you can choose to control the device from it's own click wheel or your own vehicles fingertip controls.

The Generally Boring Technical Stuff Is Very Appropriate And Would You Believe Interesting:-

This Denison 500 iPod Interface car kit is designed to work primarily with Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & Certain Volvo vehicles as it cleverly communicates with the car manufacturers in-built (OEM) "MOST" fibre optic control and communication system which the GW500 system software incorporates. Your music from an iPod, USB or any other Auxiliary source can then be routed directly into your existing car speaker and audio system and information from your audio source will be sent and displayed onto your vehicles dash board screen for clear and easy control of the iPod, USB or Aux content. The really interesting and good technical money saving thing is that if you plan on upgrading your car to a newer model incorporating the "MOST" fibre optic system, you can take this very clever little GW500 kit with you - pretty dam cool!
Would You Also Believe That The Following Additional Technical Stuff Is Really Worth It's Weight In Gold & Very Interesting:-

As it says on the tin "The Gateway" is completlely apt as this superbly crafted Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo (almost original OEM) iPod interface opens up your in car entertainment world. If you are fortunate enough to already have this Dension Gateway 500 kit installed into your vehicle or you are considering it for the 1st time, you can now benefit from purchasing various accessories which will make your driving experience so much more enjoyable read on..........

Denison Gateway 500 Add On Accessory Handsfree Phone Blue Tooth Adaptor - BTA 1500

The Dension BTA 1500 is a fabulous accessory which once added to the Gateway 500 interface, will allow you to safely make and receive handsfree calls using the original controls on your car audio system. You will hear the caller through the car’s audio speakers and can control the call using your car radio controls, steering wheel controls or iDrive.The BTA uses cutting edge Bluetooth technology to ‘pair’ with your phone so that information can be sent between the two devices. If you add this Denison BTA 1500 accessory there will be no need to have a separate car handsfree phone kit fitted.

Dension Gateway 500 Add On Accessory Audio Video Router - AVR GW5XX

Dension AVR GW5XX is a wonderfull accessory for Gateway 500 that opens up your car’s entertainment system to a whole world of new and exciting possibilities. Now there is no need to fit expensive screens into the front of the vehicle as the AVR can route iPod video, car digital TV, DVD's, PS2/3 or xBox games consuls into the original factory-fitted screen. If you have twin headrest DVD screens or a roof mounted monitor fitted in the rear of the car, it can route an alternative source there at the same time: digital tv in the front, DVD in the back, DVD in the front, digital TV in the back. The Denison AVR puts you in control, bringing a complete muti media experience into your very classy vehicle and all with the controls on your radio or iDrive. You could even add on an aftermarket reversing reversing camera system or how about turning your car into a wireless hotspot for the kids to surf the net, play on line games and you can even check those all important emails on your laptop wherever you go with the latest Dension WID11GEN Wi Drive system, the possibilities are endless.....

Dension Gateway 500 Add On Accessory Wi Drive - WID11GEN

Dension Wi-Drive WID11GEN is this latest state of the art dynamic accessory to add onto the Gateway 500 or indeed any vehicle with a factory fitted or aftermarket USB connection. This innovative and first of it's kind Dension Wi Drive product provides you with wireless in car connectivity enabling you to transfer music wirelessly between your home/Office and your car, turn your vehicle into a (MacDonalds Style) wireless hot spot to surf the net, let the kids play games or just check your emails on the move. You can also access any Internet radio station and stream this through your cars audio system - Wow!

If you are already bowled over by the endless specifications and connectivity of the Dension Gateway 500 iPod car kit here are some additional and informative things you may want to know before purchasing:-

See song information on screen:-

In some cases, you will be able to view full artist/album/song information on your radio display. If you have one, you will also be able to see some information on your dashboard cluster display. This is normally between your speed and revometers. This may also allow you to view full text and menu selection but please be aware that this will not always be the case. Each model and manufacturer will differ. Please consult your radio’s user manual for more information.

Access music on USB sticks and other mass storage devices:-

Gateway 500 supports all standard USB compliant mass storage class devices with FAT16 or FAT32 file system. This can be an USB flash drive, an MP3 player, a portable hard drive with USB interface, a PDA or even a digital camera. If the MP3 player or PDA can be seen by your computer as a 'mass storage device' (ie.there is drive letter assigned to the device), you should be able to connect it to your Gateway 500 via USB and play the music files stored on it. If the system shows the device as a 'storage device' and there is no drive letter assigned to the device that means your device use a MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) which is NOT compatible with our product.

Play MP3s and other audio file types in your car:-

The Gateway 500 supports the following audio formats:

- MP3
- MPEG1 Layer 3 : 32; 44,1; 48 kHz (32 - 320kbps)
- MPEG2 Layer 3 : 16; 22,05; 24 kHz (8 - 160kbps)
- MPEG2.5 Layer 3 : 8; 11.025; 12 kHz (8 -160 kbps) from 96 kb/s to 320 kb/s
- MP3 Variable Bit Rate (VBR) (up to 320kb/s)
- OGG (up to 320 kbit/s)
- WMA 4 - 44.1 kHz at sample rates up to 320 kb/s (except DRM protected files)

Not supported:

- WMA Pro
- WMA lossless

Plug in other devices using the (RCA) Aux input

Keep your existing CD changer:-

The Denison Gateway 500 emulates a CD changer, which is simply a CD player that can hold a number of CDs at once. Instead of playing different CDs like a CD changer does, the Gateway uses the same system to play different audio sources including iPod, USB devices and Dension Gateway accessories. So, for CD1 for example, you will now get Aux (the Auxilliary input) and will be able to access music from whatever device is plugged in to the Aux port on your Gateway. Gateway 500 retains the use of your original CD changer so it will still work as normal.

Gateway 500 Car Kit Installation:-

Because this Dension gateway 500 product is installed safely and securely inside the dashboard (behind your vehicle's original radio), no damage or changes to your dashboard are necessary, making it a perfect solution for leased vehicles or for those of us who simply want to keep the orginal aesthetic of our car interior. We can supply cradles for iPods if required, so that you can easily secure your iPod or simply clip it your car's air vents. Alternatively, everything can be neatly tucked away in you glove box. It's up to you!

Dension Gateway 500 Your Vehicles Compatibility:-

You can check your own vehicles compatibility on the Dension website by or give us a ring.

Please give us a ring on 0131 555 7040 or email us if you are unsure of the Gateway 500 product that is applicable to your vehicle - we are here to help.

Please note that on order of your product the product from the parkmyauto website, you will receive an automatic thank you email from us and we would appreciate if you will return an email to us with your product variant part number that you will find on the Dension compatibillity chart - thank you.

At Parkmyauto Ltd, all of our products are of the highest quality, distributed from the UK, are EU approved, duty paid and are backed-up with a 12 month repair & replacement parts warranty - we would like to think you wont need this but just in case! 

Your custom is the reason we are here - thank you.

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