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By: Get Away Sailing Croatia and Greece  04/10/2009
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This learn to sail week begins 10 mins from the centre of Athens and gets you island-hopping around the Saronic and Peloponnese.
Live aboard for six days – and you’re sailing.
Each day comprises of a combination of theory and practical exercises. We combine the basics, such as map-reading, navigating, casting off, anchoring and mooring with some of the more advanced sailing skills – but your learning won’t stop there. Tony and the team are world-class storytellers, and you will be surprised at what you learn just from constantly being around them.

Every day brings a new harbour and new experiences, but we won’t let you lose sight of your goal – to learn to sail. That said, our ‘teaching schedule’ really is something else…

  • After breakfast, your first exercise will be planning the day’s sailing. You’ll learn how to take everything into consideration here, including the weather, the sea conditions, and the crew and passengers themselves. You’ll also learn how to plot a course, calculate distances, and estimate sailing time. This may sound like a lot to learn, but don’t worry about picking it up – you’ll be doing this every day!
  • We normally set sail around 10am, and it’s time for you to take the helm under motor and sail as you learn the practical art of boat handling. With Athens behind us, you’ll also learn first-hand the ‘rules of the road’ as we give way to other vessels.
  • Sailing is hungry work, and you’ll be ready for a good meal by lunchtime! We always pick a secluded bay, so you’ll also have time for a swim and a rest. Entering the bay we’ll tell you all about the principles of mooring: how and where to drop anchor, appropriate distances from other yachts... and you guessed it, we’ll be doing this every day as well.
  • A couple of hours later and we’re off again - and it’s back to those practical skills you worked on in the morning, along with any theory and coaching.
  • By the afternoon, we’re well and truly close to our days’ destination – the traditional fishing village or port we plotted a course to earlier in the day.
  • Now this is where you’ll really see teamwork –making ready the yacht with fenders, mooring lines, anchor and yourselves before entering the harbour. Stern-to mooring  (reverse parking) is the name of the game here! And then we’re settled for the evening.
  • Once secured, anyone fancy a quick swim before dinner? There’s always time to relax for those who want to, although you may want to take advantage of the great weather and become more familiar with what’s onboard. Then you’re faced with the decision of where to spend your evening. Anthony and the team are always delighted to introduce you to one of the family-run tavernas otherwise feel free to do your own thing.
  • After six days of repetition, being familiar with the yacht and what needs doing on board will seem like a breeze! You might even be ready to take your newly-learned skills to the next stage.

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