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   Faced With Metal Or Asbestos Roof Maintenance or Replacement     Asbestos Encapsulation Some time ago after many encounters with asbestos roofs, London roof coatings began researching this complex material and found that there was a safe procedure to encapsulate these roofs. Our company is a specialist in asbestos encapsulation and roof coatings form flat roof to pitched roofs. Covering  the UK . . It is a well documented fact that the incorrect removal of asbestos sheets can cause severe health risks but what most people do not know is that leaving asbestos on your roof to weather is equally as dangerous as it breaks down releasing fibres into the atmosphere.   The primer saturates the asbestos roof sheets to bind the asbestos fibres. A  non-Heat re-radiating Membrane is then applied, improving the tensile strength of the roof and ensuring long durability against the unstable elements of the atmosphere. This is why at; we stress the importance of asbestos encapsulation rather than removal in industrial as well as domestic situations. SOME OF OUR BEFORE & AFTERS AsbesAseal from Insulating Technology DESCRIPTION The basis of asbesAseal is a primer that penetrates through the asbestos sheets providing a solid base, thus enabling it to encapsulate the asbestos fibres. On completion of this application a non-heat radiating emolastic membrane is applied. Diagnoses - Asbestos Roof Asbestos Roofs have a history of dating back to the 1920’s. After many years of exposure to the elements they deteriorate, the asbestos surface accumulates Lichen. Over the period of time the Lichen affects the Asbestos Sheets, causing the surface to be unstable, allowing asbestos fibres to become airborne and increase in temperature inside the building. Encapsulation advantages: 1.     Cost effective and attractive, approximately 1/3 of the Replacement Cost 2.     No production loss 3.     Temperature reduction up to 22 Celsius degree 4.     Waterproof (1000 micron) 5.     Reduced or eliminated air conditioning costs Physical Properties of Cured ASBES`A`SEAL K Value 0.050 W m -1 K -1 U Value R=2.07=0.483 Radiation Value: Infra Red Light 90% Ultra Violet 85% Crack Bridging ASTM C836-89 - Bridges gap to 1.6mm Fire Resistance Class A  BS476: Part 7 Accelerated Weathering E.A.B., England No failure of durability 2000+QUVhrs Adhesion 1.6 NF 30-062 Heat Reduction 12-15 o C (Unisearch) Water vapour transmission ASTM E96-94 Asbestoseal system, 300mm 40.7g/m 2 /24hrs Water absorbtion ASTM C642-90 Asbestoseal system, 300mm 0.19% over 41 days = reduction of 88% Carbon dioxide diffusion 300m AS/NZ 458.5 - 1999 6.2 x 10 -7 cm2sec -1 Reduction in chloride ion 90% BS1881:Pt124                          Commercial Roof Restoration That Won't Break Your Maintenance Budget The greater majority of commercial premises are constructed with metal roofs - comprised of clip lock trimdeck or similar profiles. Naturally, your roof is exposed and susceptible to the elements resulting in expansion and contraction, acidity and weathering and ultimately to significant damage requiring the expertise of a company skilled in commercial roof restoration. You Could Potentially Save Tens of Thousands of pounds It is not always necessary to replace the entire roof. Often we have found that certain sheeting can be replaced and the rest of the roof restored by using a '3 pact system'. This has frequently resulted in our client's saving thousands of pounds. After replacing broken or severely rusted sheets, we then pressure clean the roof and apply a primer. Over this we apply our heat reflective roof membrane. This outstanding product has been proven in independent testing to be superior to any other roof insulation product on the global market. All our work comes with a 10-year workmanship guarantee and a 10-year product guarantee. The high degree of flexibility, able to bridge gaps to 1.6mm, superior adhesion and exceptional durability of this product will ensure you do not have to give your roof another thought for years to come. .

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