Why do folk come for colon hydro therapy?

By: west london colonics  13/05/2014
Keywords: migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation

Peoples Reasons for coming I am including excerpts from client reviews. The reviews are posted in date order: latest, first. Note they are not complete reviews, just relevant sections. If you want to read them in full, go to our business page on Wahanda. [Google search 'Wahanda, West London Colonics]. Not many people write about the specific conditions which may have brought them to try out Colonics - it's obviously a private topic. So there are not many references to health-related issues in the 50 plus client reviews that have been posted independently on our Wahanda business space. Rest assured however that it is part of the backstory for pretty much every client. Without further ado, the excerpts: *"Well like many others, I started the year with a raging hangover. I'm not one for making resolutions but thought why not give my body a bit of a break. I've never tried to detox and recently had a relapse of eczema. I'm currently on a course of Chinese herbs where I get teas to help detox and liver function as well as reduce "heat" in my body... none of this is explained of course but its worked for me in the past and beats applying bucket loads of hydrocortisone on my skin. The theory being that the skin is irritated as the body struggles to clear out toxins normally and comes through the skin. Whilst it may not be accepted by the scientific community at large I believe it does hold some merit. So thus I embark on a bit of a homegrown "detox" plan to supplement my course in Chinese herbs. After a bit of internet research I'm vowing to cut out alcohol, red meats, deep fried foods, artificial preservatives and additives and eat lots of healthy things and drink plenty of water. Mentally I give myself a month so as to keep it realistic. So far so good... after reading a bit more there I find other therapies that will help me along too such as sauna, massage, some exercise and COLON CLEANSING. Which in a nutshell is what brought me here!" - iPood, Visited Jan 2014 *"I am a definitely colonic advocate and the psychological effect of seeing the elimination of potentially years of waste and possible life threatening toxins leaving my body in itself told me this should become part of a regime for me, for future prevention if nothing else." -S3238D; Visited between July 2013 & January 2014 *"I am very glad that I found this clinic. In the beginning I was afraid of it, but I had problems with constipation and terrible headaches, so I risked it and I called Mrs. Julie." -Sonik, visited January 2013

Keywords: bad breath, Constipation, Detox Cleanses, healthy lifestyle support, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, liver flush support, migraine,

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