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By: west london colonics  26/07/2014
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Here is a report by Helen, (not her real name), one of our clients who undertook colon hydrotherapy as part of her New Year detox and cleanse plan at the beginning of this year (2014). “It’s a strange procedure, I can’t say it isn’t. For me, there were 2 aspects to the strangeness. Firstly, the idea of releasing in the presence of someone else what I had learned only to do in the privacy of a toilet; and secondly, the insertion of the speculum. But to my surprise the embarrassment /awkwardness didn’t last long. Julia was warm and reassuring in her manner, whilst being very professional about the procedure. I soon felt pretty much at ease. It really was noticeable. At first, I avoided eye contact with Julia, mumbling my questions, but once the water fills & releases started I got curious, started looking at what was happening in the discharge tubes. Talking about it with Julia seemed as though it was the most natural thing to do in the world. I could hardly believe it. What does it feel like? Really hard to describe. But its definitely like an internal wash, with the water repeatedly rinsing the intestines. And just like one would expect from any kind of wash, some debris gets removed. Without getting gross about it, in my case the debris is in the form of gas, stool and even mucus. When I saw what was coming out, I couldn’t help but think: ’better out than in’. I felt wonderful afterwards; light, refreshed and cleansed. I would recommend giving it a go, it wasn’t how I thought it would be – in a good way.” About West London Colonics West London Colonics provide an integrated and natural adjunct approach towards health & well being. If a series of colonics is booked, each Colonic treatment is specific to the needs of individual client needs, with herbal, coffee, probiotic or other specialist implant added to address specific intestinal issues.

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Peoples reasons for coming to Colonics are most likely because of persistent conditions; if they persist with Colonics (as part of a healthy lifestyle makeover) they may find their conditions less persistent!