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By: west london colonics  09/06/2014
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Amy Jameson in her blog on writes about colon hydrotherapy from which I quote selectively, offering my own comments & perspectives. Amy comments that the treatment itself is not “the most glamorous”. I can’t argue with that although of course some advocates swear by it as a beauty treatment. In the 1950s to the 1970s Mae West was renowned for openly singing the praises of Colonics as a cornerstone of her inner beauty treatment. “The experience itself is no walk in the park; it’s uncomfortable and you can expect to feel cramps and mild discomfort throughout”… well, that certainly can be experience of some people. Obviously it was so for Amy, but it isn’t the case for every one. Look at Reviews left by West London Colonics clients, and many first-timers report benign experiences. “However the results are a 100% worth it” Expect to leave afterwards feeling lighter, refreshed and with a noticeably flatter stomach”. No argument here. This pretty much sums up the reports of many of my clients. “Once cleansed, you will be more aware of what you’re putting into your body, so a healthier approach to diet is a common (and very welcome) after-effect.” Yes, I agree. Self-awareness is a much appreciated result from colonics. Amy visited London Colonics, and commented favourably on Margie Finchell, who I am proud to say is an ARCH colleague. She also recommended contacting registered ARCH (Association and Register of Colonic Hydrotherapists) member to be sure you’re getting a safe treatment from a properly-trained practitioner. There are around 200 ARCH colon hydrotherapists nationwide, and around 45 in the London & Greater London area. Amy comments that: “As a short term antidote to bloating and a fast effective way to make you feel lighter, a colonic absolutely does work. If you’re looking to slip into a particularly fitted dress or want a flat stomach for your wedding day, this treatment is a must. As for whether the benefits are more long-term, that’s down to your diet and lifestyle”. Yes, it really does depend whether your objectives for colonics are short or long term. Certainly, I have had clients come in for colonics pre –wedding (or other significant event). I have had clients come in because of a sudden attack of seemingly intractable constipation (some times because of an abrupt change in diet). These are often one-off, short-term colonic interventions. Longer term benefits with colonics are always delivered best as part of a overall healthy lifestyle strategy. Amy comments prices vary “usually around (the) £75 mark”. Central London costs may be considerably more (£100). West London Colonics is based in Northolt (readily accessible from central London by the tube). We have worked hard to make colonics affordable as a matter of course. Introductory Treatments (including consultation) are offered for £50, and packages for follow-up treatments can be had for a similar average price per treatment (dependent on the number of treatments booked). WLC offer the best overall value for money for colonics in the London area. We do so by not subscribing to ‘paid for’ advertising at this stage, preferring to draw our clients through organic web presence created by original content (articles and such like on the web), through ‘word of mouse’ (client reviews) and referrals. Whether this a sustainable strategy only time will tell!

Keywords: Bloating, Constipation, Flat Stomach, healthy diet, London & Greater London colonics

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