Colonics and the holiday season

By: west london colonics  29/07/2014
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My holiday party pooper (pun intended) article Sure, Summer holidays only comes once a year, so why not just throw caution to the winds, and eat, drink and be merry…. Maybe that’s what that little voice in your head is saying (and its getting increasingly loud!). BUT, and this is the rub -the weight put on during the holiday period is the weight we might carry for the rest of the year. What goes on must come off. At least that is the good intention those who put on weight have. But from intention to reality is a rocky path, as many of us know! Many people maintain their weight throughout the year, within a reasonable bandwidth, but then comes the extended holiday period. At this perilous time (from the weight management perspective), they put on extra inches, and additional poundage. And the kicker is: this becomes the new norm for their weight. What to do? There are all sort of strategies suggested for dietary discipline during times of increased temptation. However in this piece, I just want to remind you about your friendly colon therapist…if you are already know of one and are seeing them, now is the time to have a session or two. Get your eliminative system toned up, well before any chance of dietary excess looms, i.e. before the party season. Interestingly, those of my clients who adopted this strategy last year found that it actually improved their willpower (during the party season)…. And those who overindulged found that their system was stronger … they didn’t fall prey to the post holiday lurgies (digestive ills, colds, flus and the like) that hit many people at this time, especially after overseas trips. Yes, yes, yes. I know that other things tend to crowd health maintenance activities out at this time. But you deserve to give yourself some care and consideration. Give over some time, and a little money, to whatever will keep you fit and healthy so you can genuinely enjoy the time with family and friends.

Keywords: Colonics, Health Maintenance, holiday lurgies, weight,

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