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By: west london colonics  08/06/2014
Keywords: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, irritable bowel, Bloating

Hot frogs client function is not functioning as at June 2014 , and they have suggested that WLC post relevant client eviews on our News page . Thats why these reviews are being posted here. Ms A .Stone, London, (review originally posted on FreeIndex) I have been going to West London Colonics for about a year now following bad IBS flare ups. The treatments are always delivered in a professional but caring way. My main problem is constipation and bloating with pain. I have been helped so much, WLC gives me a calm and understanding place to help my health issues. Julia is proactive in offering me advice with excellent ideas to improve my symptoms. I highly recommend West London Colonics to all fellow IBS sufferers, give it a try, you won' t be disappointed. Ms B.Pitter,London. (Review originally posted on FreeIndex) I am new to Colonics and from the reviews I had already read wanted to give West London Colonics a try. I was lucky enough to get a late booking and once I met Julia she put me at my ease straightaway. She explained the whole procedure and what would be happening stage by stage. I felt totally comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process. After my session I definitely felt a difference and cleansed. I will be booking future sessions with West London Colonics as I know it will improve my well being for the future. Sarah,London [Review originally posted on FreeIndex ( April 2014)] I have been going to see Julia at West London Colonics since July 2013 for monthly colonic treatments. I find Julia to be incredibly friendly, discreet and professional and she has a very reassuring approach to the treatment, which puts you instantly at ease. Julia is also caring and offers an efficient and friendly service. I am a definitely colonic advocate and the psychological effect of seeing the elimination of potentially years of waste and possible life threatening toxins leaving my body in itself told me this should become part of a regime for me, for future prevention if nothing else. Julia has recently introduced coffee enemas (in tandem with colonic irrigation) to me, and the toxin and waste release has been immense to say the least. The process itself leaves you feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready to face the world. Ridding the colon of waste and toxins this way releases layers of colon build-up which in turn, leads to feelings of lightness, strength and an overall feeling of good health. I would highly recommend a coffee enema and a visit to see Julia at West London Colonics. - S3238D; Visited between July 2013 - April 2014

Keywords: Bloating, Coffee Enema, Constipation, irritable bowel, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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