US Patent for UK Glasscovers inventor

US Patent for UK Glasscovers inventor from

By:  11/08/2014
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It took 4-years of intense examination and scrutiny as well as many rejections by the US Patent examiners before granting a US Patent for a glasscover to a UK inventor. 'Covers for wineglasses' were created by John Hughes in London as a practical solution to an age old problem - how to protect the contents of drinks glasses from airborne pollution, dust and flies. After many years of trial and error, the end result is a very simple flat glasscover with innovative tabs that can be pushed downwards inside a glass rim to stop the cover sliding off. Flat Glasscovers are made from paperboard covers and sit on top of drinks glasses. They can be attached to glasses by pushing their built-in tabs inside glass rims, this also provides access for drinking straws. Flat glasscovers are very practical and easy-to-use in hotels, restaurants and bars, especially with outdoor drinking and dining facilities. They are ideal around the home for family celebrations, garden parties, BBQ’s and other social events such as weddings and birthday parties. As project manager for a UK publishing company Hughes travelled in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Indonesia and during these trips he found the need to protect his drinks glasses from flies was absolutely essential. Hughes first attempts at creating a simple glasscover failed either because the technology to manufacture them did not exist or the earlier models were too complicated to use. On Easter Sunday 2006, the idea to add die-cut tabs to glasscovers came to Hughes out of nowhere. This revolutionary approach to keeping flat glasscovers on top of glasses meant ditching all the earlier glasscovers prototypes and starting from new. Hughes lack of knowledge regarding the properties of paperboard and how it reacts to the location of die-cuts and heat required new solutions. The setup costs for producing prototype glasscovers was incredibly expensive as it didn’t differ much whether 1 or 5,000 glasscovers were produced. A UK Patent application was launched in August 2006 and a patent was granted July 15, 2008. The US patent was launched March 2009 and granted 26th June 2014. A European Patent application was launched August 2007 and is still in application - with annual renewal patent application fees payable. For more information:

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