Nordic Eco Showerhead

Nordic Eco Showerhead from Cyber Energy

By: Cyber Energy  11/11/2011
Keywords: home energy conservation, Showerhead

For power showers (and most applications), the Nordic Eco TurboHead 9 shower head will take any shower system from up to 18+ litres per minute (X bar) and replicate the experience with no loss of shower sensation or performance and reduce water usage by half, yes you heard right by HALF! It feels just like a normal shower but uses only half the water, in fact it feels better. The TurboHead shower head forces the water in the shower head to pressure pulse rather than constant flow. This is so quick, you will not be able to tell the difference but the sensation is a stronger shower. Managing water usage is key to sustainability and the EcoPulse shower heads are a breakthrough in water efficiency with a unique technique. The water flow is interrupted 30-40 times per second to uphold the pressure and comfort, so rapidly that the body does not detect any pulsating. More importantly, it maintains constant temperature throughout the showering experience with non-aerated, well-sized water droplets. The turbine vane innovation drives water in burst releases harnessing the physical properties of water drops like no other, delivering an optimal balance of water consumption with shower performance – a technique unique to the Nordic EcoPulse TurboHeads. A non-aerated system is very important for hygiene and it also allows for strong pressure without the stinging sensation. All organisms require water for survival and growth. Pooling of water in the shower head encourages such growth. Water will pool in the recesses of a sieve plate type head and sit until it evaporates or the shower is reused. This warm tepid pool provides an ideally environment and temperature for microbial growth. Without a sieve plate found in most showerheads, there is no place for bacterial culture to establish, as it needs a suitable surface to anchor, not found in EcoPulse TurboHeads. Limescale – 5 year guarantee.

Keywords: home energy conservation, Showerhead

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