Wholesale Comedone Extractors (Item 13-19)

Wholesale Comedone Extractors (Item 13-19) from Eltra Global (UK) Ltd.

By: Eltra Global (UK) Ltd.  03/10/2009
Keywords: Blackhead Remover

Wholesale suppliers selling 19 types of Acrylic nail tip cutters, False nail clippers
Prices start from £11.89 for a pack of 1 dozen, with...
* 1 extra unit FREE with each order
* FREE delivery
* 365 days Money back Guarantee backed by 100 years of family's experience in manufacturing health and beauty products.

* Made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 and CE certified.
* Sturdy, durable and practical.
* Filed, assembled, aligned, polished and honed by hand.
* Packed in ready to display pouches.
* Can be made autoclaveable on request.
* Can be customized by any colour coating and your own brand .
* Minimum order for mainland UK is 1 dozen. Further order must be increased by 1 dozen.
* Minimum order for rest of the world is 5 dozen. Further orders must be increased by 5 dozen.

Keywords: Blackhead Remover

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