Listen and Watch Radio and Television Interviews Online

Listen and Watch Radio and Television Interviews Online from World Domination Records

By: World Domination Records  04/01/2011
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With a name like 'World Domination Records' you can expect nothing less than 'World Domination' from the brain child behind this unique Label formed by International Pop Icon Gaz Reynolds.
The Label predominantly signs Dance and Pop acts from around the world which covers a broad spectrum of genres ranging from the international club market to mainstream markets including: UK, USA, Europe and Asia, with distribution around the world both in digital and physical formats.

Buy our products from over 250,000 stores from around the world including; iTunes,Limewire,Tesco,Napster,emusic,Virgin, HMV,, Tower Records, Track It Down and many more! 

Listen and watch radio and television interviews online by Gaz Reynolds,Isaac Angel,Hyper Force,Bleedin Brain Music Inc and many more!

Download apps and widgets. Purchase music downloads online from some of the hottest Pop and Dance Artists from around the world.

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