Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer Jingler

Stan Rawlinson Dog Behaviourist and Obedience Trainer Jingler from Stan Rawlinson. Doglistener

By: Stan Rawlinson. Doglistener  24/02/2009
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 The Jingler is a simple device that clips on to the lead. Designed and developed by Stan Rawlinson (Doglistener) it works on sound therapy, by making your dog concentrate on the behaviour you are changing. The repetition of the jingle and either a change of direction or a command, conditions your dog so that it associates the sound with a movement or command.

The technique reinforces and rewards good behaviour and checks and is non rewarding for bad behaviour. It comes with full instructions. However I would strongly recommend purchasing the DVD, as this shows the techniques being used on dogs that I have never met or trained before* And graphically and visually illustrates all the different techniques for using the Jingler.

I also recommend using my own (Doglistener) leads as they are a specific length to allow the technique to be used effectively it also has a special clip for the Jingler and if you feel it is not the best lead you have ever had then just return it. And I will refund your payment (less postage)

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