Doglistener Dog behaviourist and Obedience Trainer

Doglistener Dog behaviourist and Obedience Trainer from Stan Rawlinson. Doglistener

By: Stan Rawlinson. Doglistener  02/12/2010
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As one of the leading Dog behaviourist in the UK. I can offer an all rounf service including working with all kind of dogs and all kinds of behaviourial problems. I am an acknowledged expert on aggression in all its forms, and Puppy Training and the training and critical periods of young pups through to adulthood. I have unuique and different methods and have never believed that we can be the Alpha.

I train not just dogs but the owners as well. Get the owner doing it right and the dog will follow. My leads, collars, and products are special and unique to the doglistener brand.

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