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By: Soothing Touch  17/11/2014
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Soothing Touch practitioners can provide counselling services to assist people in improving their emotional health through understanding their attitudes, behaviours and emotions. Counselling is a process in which the aim is to empower people to help themselves through real dialogue and being listened to in an understanding atmosphere. To believe that life is meant for a single purpose, one must also believe in a common fate – father to daughter, brother to sister, mother to child. Blood ties can be as unyielding as they are eternal. But it is our bonds of choice that truly light the road we travel – love versus hatred, loyalty against betrayal. By helping clients to find their own resources and using them effectively, counselling can help clients to move their lives forward and regain their well being. This process is dependent upon a relationship of trust and open communication and takes place in an atmosphere of shared confidentiality. Counselling can help with self discovery and self awareness, thus increasing self esteem and self worth. When confidence improves and you have a better knowledge of yourself and others, you will be able to improve your interpersonal relationships by being able to verbalise ideas, feelings and experiences. Counselling can help to uncover hidden fears, apprehensions, negative feelings and biases. It can help you to become more sensitive to your own needs and feelings and those of others and can inform you of how your culture, upbringing and background can affect your personal decisions. We have counsellors that specialise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for clients that want more solution focussed sessions. They will work collaboratively with clients in order to help them with their issues and empower them. Sessions may include educating clients on other things that may be impacting them from moving forward, as well as encouraging them to let go of negative thought patterns. We also have counsellors that can use specific techniques to work with trauma, anxiety, phobias and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in as few as six sessions, without clients having to inform the counsellor about the history of the trauma or anxiety. If this is something that would be of particular interest, please contact us to discuss your needs in further detail. Our counsellors have experience in working with a range of client groups as follows: Adults on a one to one basis, Couples, Families, Adolescents, Children (aged 3 and upwards). For individual sessions for both adults and adolescents, we can offer short term counselling of 6 sessions, medium term counselling of between 12 to 24 sesions, or ongoing, long term counselling which is tailored to meeting the individual needs of our clients. Our counsellors offer sessions from our clinics in Feltham and Twickenham in West London or may be able to come to your workplace.

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Empowering Therapies using a range of mediums

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Sports / Remedial Massage

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