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By: Trademark Registration Services - Trademarkit  04/12/2010
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A trademark search is strongly recommended before adopting a new trade mark in order to minimise the risk of infringing another party’s earlier rights, and so that any potential problems are dealt with at an early stage.

Having to change a trade mark after you have begun using it can be very expensive, resulting in wasted advertising, design and printing costs. It can also result in the loss of customer goodwill built up in the original trade mark. Thus, trademark searches could save you a substantial sum of money, as well as helping you to avoid potential liability for infringing another party’s registered trademark.

Our trademark searches are comprehensive searches designed to locate not just the identical mark but also any confusingly similar marks. Many companies offering free trademark searches will only conduct an identical search which will not locate many potential problems. We will provide you with an analysis of the trademark search results and will advise you about steps that may be taken to overcome any problems identified by the search. The search report will normally be e-mailed to you within 2-3 days.

Our fee for a full availability UK word or name search is £45.

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