why made to measure when you can go for bespoke shirts

why made to measure when you can go for bespoke shirts from Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts

By: Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts  01/04/2009
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For many individuals, the shirt is more than an article of clothing.  It is said to be a symbol of elegance and refinement as well as an expression of a man’s personality.  The shirt has been worn by men in every walk of life, whether they were commoners, emperors, or military generals, and over the passage of time it has played different roles and developed different meanings.  

Prior to the Middle Ages, the shirt was worn more as an undergarment rather than a primary piece of clothing – i.e. as a man’s night gown or underwear. Manufactured with neither collar nor cuffs, the shirt was very plain and simple although there was a hem that could either be buttoned or tightened. Typically, shirts were constructed from linen and silk. But by 1700’s, shirts were no longer being worn as underwear.  

The collar of the shirt became one of the more elaborate parts of the garment with lavish embroidered patterns being the norm.  Collars also became larger in size at this time, but by the onset of the “Golden Age of Tailoring”, they grew smaller. During this Golden Age, shirts were all hand-tailored and none were produced in garment factories as they are today.  More transformations in the appearance of the shirt occurred after World War I, with buttons running the full length of the shirt’s front.  

During the 1930’s the fixed collar was revived, but the most significant changes occurred during the 1950’s when the first nylon shirt was introduced as well as the more daring short-sleeved look becoming the fashion.  The 1960’s witnessed the onset of breast pockets due to a decrease in the wearing of vests under a suit coat.  Today, the shirt is worn by women as well as men, with a variety of styles.

At Green and Jack’s you can design your own unique bespoke shirt by choosing from 4 different fits, 8 collar styles, 9 cuff styles, 2 hem styles, 3 buttoning styles, 3 back styles, 4 pocket styles and monogramming from the green and jacks online store.

If you cannot find the style that you have in mind please feel free to contact us via email or telephone and we can discuss your requirements with you.

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