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By: Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts  18/02/2009
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 London, United Kingdom 17th February 2009 – Green and Jack’s a custom shirt maker claims to be able to read human personality from their choice of shirts.There have been lots of studies linking colour to personality. Especially the research by Dr. Max Lûscher during the early 1900's is very interesting. He studied the relationship between choices of colour to human behaviour. Dr Lûscher’s study has been used by large companies, doctors and psychologists to analyse human personality.Green and Jack’s a London based custom shirt maker has applied colour research to help their customers project the right image. The colour and fit of the shirt that one chooses gives an insight into one’s personality.

What does your shirt say about you?

Crimson Shirt – high energy, confident, passionate, sensual and brave leader

White Shirt – honest, practical and natural.

Pink Shirt – confident, naughty and unconventional.

Black Shirt – powerful, elegant and mysterious.

Blue Shirt – organised, warm, caring and intuitive personality.

Yellow Shirt – original, happy and helpful.

Gray Shirt – a balanced and elegant thinker.

Brown Shirt – A conventional person who loves the outdoors.

A well fitting shirt often conveys a structured mind and an organised personality. Choose the fit and colour that projects and compliments ones personality by visiting the custom shirt store.For the month of March 09 Green and Jack’s custom shirt maker will be offering free colour consultations. The perfect fit guarantee makes ordering custom made shirts risk free to customers since alterations are free of charge.

About Green and Jack's Custom Shirt Maker

Green and Jack's is a custom shirt maker based in London, United Kingdom. Green and Jack's combines traditional hand tailoring techniques with three easy step ordering process to create high quality bespoke shirts for a global client base.

Visit the Green and Jack's online store to purchase bespoke shirts from £79 plus free shipping within the UK or £5 delivery to the USA and Western Europe

Contact:Manisha Solanki 0845 051 8030

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