Colours speak louder says men' shirt maker Green and Jack's

Colours speak louder says men' shirt maker Green and Jack's from Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts

By: Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts  30/03/2009
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What colour is your shirt?

If it’s white, then you’re a natural, practical person; blue reflects your caring but risk averse personality; pink means you’re confident and perhaps a bit naughty; while a black shirt indicates you are elegant but also enigmatic. Whatever your preference bespoke shirt maker claims that their skilled tailors can analyse your personality from your choice of fabric colour.

Over the years, many studies have been conducted into the psychology of colour preference and what individual colour choices indicate about one’s personality or mood. In the 1950s, Swiss psychotherapist Dr Max Lüscher studied the relationship between colour and human behaviour and his findings are still used today by companies, doctors and psychologists to analyse human personality.

 men's shirt maker has applied similar research to help customers project the right image via colour and fit to give an insight into their personality. For example, if you opted for a red shirt this Valentine’s Day you were projecting the passionate, sensual and brave elements in your character. In the mood to wear yellow? Then you’re feeling happy and helpful. A grey shirt reflects your balanced and elegant thinking while brown means you’re unconventional and informal. Both fit and colour can complement your personality, for example a fitted conveys a structured and organised mind.

So what is the most popular colour choice catered for by Green and Jack’s? “It is white, followed by blue,” explains marketing executive Manisha Solanki, “which tells us that our customers are practical people who may be a little afraid to take risks. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. However, we offer a superb range of colours in high quality plain, striped or patterned fabrics – so there’s no excuse for being unadventurous!”

About Green and Jack’s

Green and Jack’s maker combines traditional hand tailoring techniques with the distribution efficiencies provided by the internet to create high quality shirts for a global client base. Each shirt is individually hand cut and customer patterns are kept for future use hence ordering your second shirt will be easy. are priced from £79 plus free shipping within the UK, or £5 delivery to the USA and Western Europe. Visit to see the full range of fabrics and tailoring options in all their colourful glory.

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