Are your bespoke shirts really made to measure shirts?

Are your bespoke shirts really made to measure shirts? from Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts

By: Green and Jack's Bespoke Men's Shirts  11/07/2009
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Tailoring is a term that dates back to the 13th century, but the more modern meaning of the word came about in the latter 18th century. Today, the terminology refers to men’s shirts that were typically constructed from cotton, linen, silk, or wool. This eventually gave birth to the hand-crafted technique commonly known as bespoke, i.e. the complete customization of a garment from creating the item’s paper pattern (or template) to the completion of the end product.


Though the term today applies to a variety of products such as luxury cars or software, for example, it is most historically associated with the customized manufacture of men’s garments, most specifically shirts, slacks, sports coats, and suits. The word “bespoke” actually stems from “bespeak”, a verb meaning “to speak for something” but has evolved to mean giving an “order for it to be made.”


Ready-to-Wear Shirts


The phrase “Ready-to-Wear” in the simplest of terms applies to any and all shirts that has been mass-produced in standardized sizes for the purpose of being readily purchased “off the rack” at haberdasheries and retailers. Ready-to-wear clothing evolved from tailoring to make clothing more affordable.


Ready-to-wear garments are the least favorable option because they are based solely on the production of clothing that is more cost-effective, efficient, and profitable. This usually involves diminished quality control standards. It is important to remember that this type of clothing is not personalised nor do you as the consumer have any control over the product’s features and fit, how it is produced, or the type of fabric that is used in the construction of the garment.


Made-to-Measure Shirts


The terminology “Made-to-measure” typically defines shirts that are manufactured from a base pattern that has been standardized for the entire clothing industry. Made-to-measure apparel is perceived to be superior to ready-to-wear garments due to the fact the latter is constructed according to the manufacturer’s opinion of what the average consumer likes and wants. Conversely, a made-to-measure garment is typically constructed to fit the individual consumer – for the most part.


However, made-to-measure shirts are considerably inferior to bespoke shirts due to the fact that it involves some method of standardization of the shirt based on its patterning and the process employed by which it is manufactured. A bespoke shirt is completely personalized and unique, therefore making it exclusive to the client it was produced for. Characteristically, made-to-measure clothing will be more expensive than ready-to-wear but considerably more affordable than a bespoke shirt.


Bespoke Shirts


The key distinction between shirts classified as being made-to-measure versus those categorized as bespoke shirts is that the latter is not created by virtue of a pre-existing pattern or template, making it completely unique every time. Additionally, the consumer has the complete control over such aspects as:


Monogramming, contrast fabrics, mother of pear buttons

Swiss Alumo fabrics, Italian fabrics like Monti or Albini

Creation of the garment


In this manner, a bespoke shirt affords the consumer a three-way benefit. For more information on the benefit of bespoke tailoring, visit the Green and Jack’s website at for a unique product range of bespoke shirts and tailoring.



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Keywords: Made to measure shirts

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