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By: Red Raven Therapy  19/03/2011
Keywords: health, stress, back pain

  • I woke this morning and for the first time in years put my left foot to the floor without pain!!!! I feel very good all over and despite waking a few times in the night I didn't feel battered and bruised...all good!! (May 2010)

  • Dyna'r profiad mwyaf anhygoel erioed! Triniaeth werth ei chael i ymlacio'n llwyr

  • I've had a few reflexology treatments and found them to be thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable. Thanks Nia

  • Wedi synnu fod gwasgu gwadn troed yn gallu nodi gwendidau yn y corff, profiad rhyfedd a gwerthfawr a wnaeth i mi deimlon llawer mwy egniol 

  • Had a reflexology treatment and was thoroughly relaxed. Very enjoyable and an amazing experience

  • It relaxed me completely - and I fell asleep. It gave my body the rest it needed -which I did not realise

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