Portable acoustic treatments for home and project recording studios. manufactured by Silentpeaks

Portable acoustic treatments for home and project recording studios. manufactured by Silentpeaks from silentpeaks portable acoustic products

By: silentpeaks portable acoustic products  21/01/2010
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Acoustic Treatment - What is it? (And why you need it!)

The amount of money we spend on our audio equipment can run into thousands! Expensive valve microphones, a top of the range pre amp, speakers that cost more than your car! But what is the point if you are recording in a room with bad acoustics? The result - AWFUL!

Just walk around your home/studio, and observe the variations in your audio sound:

  • · An uneven bass response
  • · Poorly defined mid range
  • · An aggressive-sounding high end
  • Acoustic interference in your room creates peaks and dips of up to 30db at the lower end of the audio spectrum. Sound waves generated in a room radiate out to the room boundaries. Sound reflects off the surface at an angle that is equal to and opposite of the original angle. All resulting in poor quality audio.

So what can we do?

Here at Silentpeaks, we manufacture, sell and distribute portable acoustic products for the home or project studio, to minimise the negative effects of an acoustically poor room, and achieve better end results, whether for the home enthusiast or the high-end professional.

Don't just accept the anomalies - Talk To Us!

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