Specialist Confined Space Team

Specialist Confined Space Team from REDWOOD ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES LTD

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We have a Specialist Confined Space team, Trained to the highest standards at City & Guilds. We carry out entries in accordance with the Confined Space Regulations 1997. A confined space is defined as: 'any place including any chamber, tank, vat, silo, pit, trench, pipe, sewer, flue, well or other similar space in which by virtue of its enclosed nature there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk'.

Specified risk means a risk of :

Serious injury to any person from fire or explosion Loss of consciousness through increase in body temperature Loss of consciousness or asphyxiation through gas, fume vapour or lack of oxygen. Drowning through increase in the level of liquid
Asphyxiation from a free flowing solid.

To assist in our entries we own specialised equipment including:

Escape breathing apparatus  (10 min sets and full BA)
Intrinsically safe torches (torches that can be used in explosive atmospheres with no risk of causing electrical sparks)
Gas detectors for the monitoring of the atmosphere to be entered
Portable lifting equipment to assist the entry and exit of people into the confined space.


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