Computer services including Apple, PC, iBooks, Laptops, Networking, Upgrades, repairs etc.

Computer services including Apple, PC, iBooks, Laptops, Networking, Upgrades, repairs etc. from

By:  16/11/2009
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Microsoft's new operating system WINDOWS 7 is replacing Windows VISTA this is significant because it is the first full blown 64 Bit operating system just as Windows XP was their first full 32 Bit operating system so an upgrade may have a big impact on productivity for you!  I have been "Beta" Testing this OS for Microsoft now for months prior to it's recent release and I have to say it is VERY impressive it even has the ability to run in "XP mode" thus allowing you to still use older technology such as "Dot Matrix" Printers for payroll etc.

You are now one step closer to a complete solution for all your business and domestic technology needs on  one website.

We can set you up from scratch or fix what you have already... Just got a shiny new "Slimline" Play Station 3 , X-Box 360, Elite etc. or a Nintendo Wii (In fact any/All WiFi enabled devices) and can't get on the home wireless broadband and don't have a cable long enough to connect to the router downstairs - Call us. 

Need to set up a network in a home or office to allow everyone to access the printer which
is connected to only 1 PC and don't want to buy another printer or expensive wireless hub - Call us.

From the earliest Apple Mac, to todays Personal Computer, Notebook,  Laptop, or the new wave of mini Netebooks which have "Flash" hard disc drives and NO CD/DVD how do you change over to Windows OS from the Linux it came with or add new programs. - Call Us.

Any Smart phone or any Games device (PSP, PS3, X-Box etc.) if you have an issue getting it working on your Wireless broadband or just working with them how you want to and can't find a solution - Call us!

Got an issue with your operating system, slow using, slow starting/shutting down, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X etc. - Call us.

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