Euroroof Caltech Liquid Roofing

Euroroof Caltech Liquid Roofing from Alumasc Roofing

By: Alumasc Roofing  08/10/2014
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Key Features & Applications Euroroof Caltech is a flame-free, BBA approved, fully warranted system with a life expectancy of up to 25 years It can be used to refurbish failing roof coverings or to provide waterproofing for new-build podium decks, balconies and walkways. It can also be used under green roofs and is suitable for pedestrian traffic The Caltech system is fully adhered for a durable, yet flexible monolithic waterproofing solution and offers excellent resistance to puncture, abrasion, micro-organisms and chemical agents Euroroof Caltech has the appearance of a smooth, plain colour with mid-sheen finish Durability Euroroof Caltech is reinforced with a chopped strand emulsion bound fibreglass fabric to ensure excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability, maximising durability. Performance Euroroof Caltech is a cold-applied liquid polyurethane with a high solids content. With embedment of the fibreglass reinforcement, the liquid bridges over undulations, fissures and vulnerable points within the existing roof, forming a seamless waterproofing membrane. Euroroof Caltech, when tested in accordance with BS 476-3:1958/2004, achieved the highest available EXT.F.AA rating and can therefore be used without restrictions according to the Building Regulations. Insulation Euroroof Caltech is compatible with PIR insulation (warm roof) and extruded polystyrene (inverted roof) Installation & Maintenance Installed by a nationwide network of Euroroof Caltech registered contractors Euroroof Caltech is a flame-free system and as such is cold-applied using roller or airless spray A range of primers are available for adhesion to substrates such as concrete, metal, plywood, existing roof membranes Only minimal routine maintenance is required - See more at:

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