Water Meter Reading

By: JTS ENERGY Ltd  03/02/2011
Keywords: education services, thermal imaging, water leak detection

Project 1.
 On checking the water meter at Saica Pack UK Wigan we found that the meters where being read wrong and when we submitted the correct readings the company received a refund of £150,000. we also found a water leak in the meter housing and had that repaired.

Project 2
Checking the water meter at Liverpool Organic Brewery we found it was not working properly and had the meter changed resulting in a substancial refund for the client.

Project 3
After drain mapping the site of R C Brewery Liverpool we found a very deep 40ft drain that took surface water from the Merseyrail system to the docks, it also took the surface water from the Brewery resulting in the surface water charges levied by United Utilities being dropped giving the client a good saving.

Project 4.
Saica Pack UK in Ellesmere Port was receiving high water charges levied by the Manchester Ship Canal Company and on checking the pipe work we found that another company was connected to their water supply and we arranged for a sub meter to be read and a recharge sent to the company for the water they are using giving Saica Pack a saving on there water charges.

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