Mini Valet

By: Taylor's mobile valeting  16/03/2015
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Mini Valet step by step Washing the exterior of the car - Getting a bucket and filling it with water (warm water if possible). put the sponge inside with the bucket full of water and then add car shampoo onto the sponge. squeeze the sponge to distribute the shampoo into the water and start washing from the roof of the car, all the way to the bottom. Do one side first, then move around the car making sure you cover everywhere. Washing the car tyres - It's important to use a different bucket and sponge for this task for a better finish. A smaller sponge is recommended as well so that we can get into the grooves of the tyres. first off, we Spray the tyres with some tyre cleaner to break the dirt down. Start cleaning the tyres with the smaller sponge thoroughly, not missing anything. Drying after the wash - For this we use either a synthetic leather chamois or microfibre cloths. we will firstly to pour water mixed with rinse aid all over the car to remove the soap and to help the majority of the water off the vehicles exterior, then get the chamois or microfibre cloth and start drying. Putting a lot of pressure on when drying the car ensures that we buff away anything missed and also to give it a great shine. As we're drying the car we open the doors and dry the sills too. Removing all rubbish from the car - We go through all of the side pockets and boot to find any refuse that the customer doesn't want. We never throw anything away that we don't know whether something is rubbish or important. Hoovering interior of the car - We cover everywhere. Not forgetting down the sides of the seats, pulling the seat all the way back to make sure we get it all (then of course putting the seat back where it was), get into all of the grooves of the seats because bits can easily hide in there and finally not forgetting the boot! Cleaning the seats and inside of the car - Wipe through the interior of the car with either a microfibre cloth or a chamois, removing any dust or dirt. Check the pockets attached to the doors for any rubbish, remove it and clean the pockets. Make sure that the dashboard is clean and then buff the clocks and wood with a fresh microfibre cloth to remove any watermarks. Cleaning the car windows - With a clean chamois and then wring it out until its damp and get a dry microfibre cloth also. Firstly wipe the window with the slightly dampened chamois, then get the microfibre cloth and start buffing the window, make sure you go into the corners of the windows also. We do this to every window inside and out, the wing mirrors, rear view mirror and vanity mirrors. If the glass is really dirty then we use Autoglym window cleaner.

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