By: Inside Track Media Ltd  14/11/2010
Keywords: Safety, Risk Assessment, risk


DSE HealthWorks trains computer users to use their workstations safely and avoid the risks associated with unsafe workstation setup and use. The training is jargon-free, and DSE HealthWorks includes a concise self assessment questionnaire, a test on good practice and Quick Setup for checking posture. YMove is included, too. Its seconds-long desk exercises combat the effects of remaining in one position.

Computer users are helped to understand the implications of bad practice, encouraged to follow good practice and shown what it is, making them competent to undertake the self assessment.

In addition to core DSE training for office safety, Prevent-IT! CONTACT CENTRE SAFETY DSE HealthWorks addresses hearing and voice health issues. Inside Track was the sole publisher represented on the DTI’s Northwest Contact Centres Project which considered and developed viable good practice principles for the sector.

The module includes optional sections on desk lighting, desk sharing, hot desking, laptop use, pregnancy and wheelchair use.

Intranet versions also include the Prevent-IT! Results Management System. This helps make compliance activity focused and responsive by prioritising and tracking the resolution of issues organisation-wide and by department. It provides an audit trail of the follow-up from each assessment.

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