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By: Abcontactlenses  29/01/2015
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At Smithdown Eyecare we provide a specialist dry eye clinic so if you have any of the symptoms below contact us for a FREE initial assessment on 01512807777. The symptoms of dry eye syndrome can be mild or severe. They include: • dry or sore eyes • blurred vision • the feeling of something in your eye • burning • watering See our specialist clinic if you experience any of these symptoms. We may examine you for other conditions or may refer you to the hospital for further tests. Dry eye syndrome can have a number of causes, including: • aging • blepharitis • Dry eye may also be symptomatic of general health problems or disease.eg. people with arthritis are more prone to dry eye( Sjogrens syndrome, arthritis + dry eyes and mouth) • being in a hot or windy climate • certain chronic diseases • side effects of medicines • hormonal changes • getting older (up to a third of people aged 65 or older may have dry eye syndrome)

Keywords: Contact Lens, contact lenses, Dry Eye, professional eyecare, Sore Eyes, specialist dry eye clinic

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