Napoli Hydrotherapy Bath Comfort Model (Left hand option)

Napoli Hydrotherapy Bath Comfort Model (Left hand option) from Victorian Plumbing

By: Victorian Plumbing  09/06/2010
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A feeling of wellbeing

Not surprisingly the bedroom is becoming evermore the therapeutic sanctuary where one can escape the demands of modern living to rejuvenate ourselves in time for the next day ahead. Our comprehensive range of hydrotherapy baths, enable your body to be massaged and invigorated relieving muscle fatigue and all kinds of aches and pains through the wonderful healing power of our hydrotherapy massaging water systems.

Chromotherapy Lighting

This special therapeutic underwater lamp is designed to provide the ultimate mood relaxing atmosphere. The changing colours of the water create a harmonious ambience and feeling of well being. Coloured chromatic lighting is scientifically proven to penetrate the body?s tissues and blood through the nerve endings placed under the skin, restoring cell equilibrium and improving biological functions. Each specific colours wave length has individual properties which can affect heart rate, blood pressure, depression and can help to combat anxiety, irritability and insomnia.

Health and Welfare

The pump, internal piping and complete massaging jet system in every CEDA hydrotherapy bath is fully self draining. This is to ensure that dirty water is not left to stagnate allowing the build up of harmful bacteria

Stylish Brassware

Manual hot and cold water regulation is effected through the stunning mono mixer tap included as standard on all models. A manual water diverter allows the flow of water to be changed between the waterfall and hand held shower. Both are factory fitted. The water diversion can be done via the Touch Screen Compute Panel on Deluxe models.


All models feature a hand held shower to make your hydrotherapy bathing experience that more pleasurable and that more convenient.


Specially designed to provide maximum support

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Keywords: bathroom accessories, home improvement